My Heart on Paper.

The inspiration for today’s poem is the rejection of all the manufactured hype which has the intention of keeping people busy, tired, sick, worried, fearful, overburdened with debt and generally ill at ease. When we look to nature and the Creator we see all the gifts, freely given, which would enhance our lives, unfortunately too often we look in all the wrong places to give our lives meaning. The title of the poem “Let” is about letting ourselves take comfort in the everyday, but often overlooked, provisions available to us all.

The theme being explored is creation and nature.

Let nature be your physician,
Of body, mind and spirit,
Take long walks, dig in the earth,
Sit in the park, star-gaze in the dark.

Let stillness be your therapist, 
Stop! Let the world go by,
Bask in warm sunshine,
Spend a little time,
Watching clouds be rearranged in the sky.

Let silence be your teacher,
As you quiet your mind and pray,
Open your heart and listen,
Let there be new inspiration,
For each and every day.

Let music be your medicine,
The song of the spheres, 
Healing to a heavy heart,
Fullness of the soul,
Balm to stress and fears.

Let children be your counsel,
They see the world as it should be,
In honesty they believe,
Before we teach them how to deceive,
And their innocence steals away.

Let the Word be your light,
A lamp to stumbling feet,
A watchman of your heart,
The lighthouse of your soul,
Hold close the wisdom it imparts.

Let contentment be your companion,
to be satisfied with the simple,
Nay- more-
Completely filled.
To know when enough is enough,
And step off the treadmill,
Of more and more stuff.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon ©

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