My Heart on Paper.

My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The title of this poem One Song comes from the word universe; uni meaning one and verse meaning song. It is about the wonder of the night sky and how everything is held in balance by cosmic dance; the music in the spheres. In all of this we seem insignificant yet we have a place and a purpose in it. It is all quite magnificent!

The Theme being explored is creation and nature.

One Song.
Have you ever stood alone at night,
And gazed with wonder at the bright starry light,
And moonbeams, in the heavens high,
Reaching all across the sky,
And beheld the universe?
Been spellbound by the vast expanse,
Perfection, beauty, harmony and balance,
Awed by the wondrous sight,
Felt insignificant beneath The Maker's might,
And beheld the universe?
Or do you think it's just by chance,
The heavens do their dance?
That by coincidence - not providence -
That stars our sky enhance?
Without confusion or destruction,
They fulfil their heavenly function.
Created and sustained without beginning or end,
A timeless universe; marvellous to comprehend.
Yet man, who lives about one hundred years,
Full of vanity and tears,
So noble and so grand,
Still struggles to understand,
The Power so great, so transverse,
Who spoke into being the earth,
The heavens and the universe.
Mankind, open your eyes unto seeing,
Behold the universe! 

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon. ©

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