My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration Today’s poem Royalty in Bloom is a tribute to the Jacaranda tree. In our back yard there stands a Jacaranda tree which, when in bloom, joins the canopy of the Jacaranda tree in the neighbouring property and for several weeks we live in a purple haze. The colour purple is a combination of blue, recognized for its calming properties and red, the colour of passion, blood, life and energy. Purple is associated with royalty, luxury, power and ambition. It is the colour of nobility and dignity and is often used in royal and high religious circles. Purple also has connotations of wisdom, mystery and creativity. The Jacaranda tree, and its purple flowers, is another of those wonderful, beautiful and bountiful gifts of nature.

The Theme being explored is creation and nature.

Royalty in Bloom.
Canopy of purple,
Royalty in bloom,
Showering pastel petals,
While beneath, a 
Springtime carpet settles,
Dying to the earth,
As new green leaf is given birth,
Behold the Jacaranda!
Robed in royal splendour,
Marvel at your station ,
In the order of creation.
Receive the gift-
Royalty in bloom.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©

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