My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration I suspect I am not the only person who each morning draws back the curtains to greet the day, to ascertain what sort of day it is going to be. This helps with deciding what to wear but more importantly this greeting is an act of gratitude for a new day and new opportunities. Recently in a Bible class we discussed gratitude and the many, many things that we take for granted. Perhaps that if the sky is clear, it will be blue is one of those things. This is a frivolous poem, included here for its connection and connotations to the colour purple.

The Theme being explored is creation and nature.

Purple Sky. If tomorrow when we wake, The sky is no longer blue; Let it be of purple hue. Purple that shines and shimmers, In myriad regal tones, Purple that reminds us, That grace atones. A purple that sheds radiance, Across the entire globe, Purple that cloths us all, In a royal robe. A cloak of purple protection. A reflection of heavenly love, From above. So if tomorrow when we awake, The sky is no longer blue; Let it be of purple hue.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©️

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