My Heart on Paper.

I have been thinking about the theme for the next collection of poems. There is a lot of activity swirling around me at the moment and lots of ideas have floated in and out of my head but I have settled on the theme of personal growth, living authentically and being content to be one’s own beautiful self. There is always that tension in life between loving and accepting yourself just as you are and at the same time challenging, stretching yourself to grow and accepting the inevitability of change. The first poem in this collection titled The Apparition.

Inspiration this poem is inspired by the difficulty we sometimes have to accept ourselves with all our flaws and to feel comfortable and entirely at ease in our own skin. We are fed so many untruths about what it is to be beautiful, successful and worthy and sadly often we believe them.

The Apparition.
Appearing through the mists of uncertainty,
An apparition comes to me-
A woman, moving silently,
Steady in her pace,
Total self acceptance written on her face.
Glowing richly in peace and love,
Moving fluidly with patience and grace-
She beckons to me with arms outstretched,
Holding forth her treasure,
Whispers, "This too can be yours
but first you must love yourself
even with your flaws."
As she fades into the mist,
I sense I am not alone, 
There lingers her fragrance still-
In the clarity of certainty,
I realise,
It is my own.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon ©

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