My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The poem Beauty explores the concept of true beauty which does not belong only to the young and is not expressed only in external attributes. Beauty is an inner quality which depends on inner attitudes of spirit, wisdom and grace. It is necessary and important to value ourselves and our bodies, to present well and care for ourselves and it is equally important and necessary to accept ourselves, to grow in wisdom and grace and to present a beauty which is authentically soul deep.

Theme: Personal growth, living authentically, self acceptance.

Beauty sat alone and cried,
For something inside had died,
Youth was spent and beauty faded,
Life had left the spirit jaded.

Gone was beauty's youthful glow,
Movement and reflex becoming slow,
Flesh once smooth and plump, in wrinkles fall,
Stooping now- once was gracefully tall.

Beauty the television told,
Had nothing to do with getting old-
Beauty lived inside the bottle that was sold-
What was inside did not matter-
The bottle held the power to flatter.

So creams, potions and perfumes were bought,
Beauty was so actively sought,
But still, beauty was elusive-
The bottle had failed-
The evidence was conclusive.

Then wisdom came and took a seat,
In the heart's garden, beauty to meet,
Wisdom spoke with grace and charm,
Told beauty there was no need for alarm.

While youth and beauty they must flee,
They flee to make room for me,
And I bring a beauty unto you,
That is continually made anew.

Beauty of the bottle is only skin deep-
I bring a beauty that you can keep,
While flesh must age and fade away-
I will be beauty until your dying day.

I bring you peace, love and grace,
I mark my beauty on your face,
My beauty has no bias to colour, creed or race,
But if my beauty you would embrace,
Of bitterness, hatred or malice there must be no trace.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©

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