My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The poem Metamorphosis explores the necessity of growth and transformation. It acknowledges that change is never easy and that in the process of shifting and transforming we often feel ourselves to be in a dark place. It is a poem of encouragement.

Theme: Personal growth, living authentically, self acceptance.


Pretty butterfly,
Flutter by on coloured wing,
Travelling on the breeze,
Who would know that in another time,
You had no wings to show,
That these you had to grow.

In your changes was there pain?
Did you know what you would gain?
In your cocoon wrapped away,
Did you think this way you'd stay?
Lonely and dark, in a world bleak, still and stark.

Did you think that you would die,
Before you became a butterfly?
Robbed of life as you had known,
For as a caterpillar you had grown,
Amongst beautiful flower and leaf,
Only now, all alone...alone...

For all of this there was a plan,
Not conceived by mortal man,
In order to transform,
One must die-
To be reborn.

So if you feel like you could die,
But inside yearn to take wing and fly,
To be free,
To touch the sky,
To travel on the road that's high.

Remember, after night will come the dawn,
And you will wake one shining morn,
To discover after all,
You did not die
But were transformed,
From caterpillar to butterfly.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©


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