My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: On Top is a poem about living above our circumstances, accepting ourselves, our experiences and our heartaches. Some things in life need to be unravelled, resolved, sorted, some things need to be accepted, all things that hinder us need forgiveness, for ourselves and for others. It is easy to fall into the justification of victim-hood but far wiser, healthier and productive, to live above; on top of the circumstances, not under with them on me to weigh.”

Theme: Personal growth, living authentically, self acceptance.

On Top.

Life was a bit of a misery,
Quiet desperation the order of each day. 
I decided to do something about it,
Help! Out went my cry. I need to find my way,
So back to my childhood I travelled-
The answers must somewhere be found, 
I questioned, I probed, and I queried-
At last, with information I did abound,
Some of it sad, some of it glad.
I gathered it all together,
To sort it out, I thought,
Such a mess you never did see.
And as I fumbled, just more misery I brought.
So I said to myself, Enough of this!
And pulled it all together to make one big pile.
I couldn't go through it or around,
So I climbed to the top, about a mile.
The view was fantastic,
For all around I could see,
It brought to my face such a smile, 
For clearer vision there would never be,
So I decided, this is where I should stay-
On top of the circumstances,
Not under, with them on me to weigh.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon. ©

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