My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The poem You are Important Too speaks to those who feel invisible, silenced, overlooked, insignificant. Humans are good at ranking people, deciding who is important and who isn’t, who fits the mould and who is a misfit, who should have lots of power and who should be powerless – and the list that divides us goes on! But we all have an intrinsic value, purpose and place. This is a poem of encouragement and a reminder that all lives matter.

Theme: Personal Growth, living authentically, self acceptance.

You are Important Too.

Have you ever felt invisible, insignificant?
Maybe you take up too much space,
And you know you're just not in the race,
All around there are people-
With flapping lips and lashing tongue,
Loud and proud,
They are the ones talking over the top-
Of your quietly spoken voice,
Their words never stop,
And it is hard to miss,
Just how important, how significant,
You will not have to guess,
For you will be told -outright and bold,
That here you behold,
Someone - very important.

Now, I have some good news for you;
The space you take has a shape,
That is a perfect fit for you,
Your words may not be heard above the noise,
But you are no less valuable-
Than those who appear to have all the poise,
You have your dreams - though they be unseen
By those who preach and preen, nevertheless-
You have a purpose and a place in the human race.
Precious soul of invaluable worth - you are seen!
No better than the very most important best-
But also, no less.

This is a message meant for you-
You are important too!

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©


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