My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: I am an INFJ. If you are not sure what that is I invite you to check out the Myer Briggs 16 personality types. Each personality type has its strengths, its weaknesses and areas of growth. A little research will explain this much better than I can. The poem INFJ is written for personal reflection and expression – but I am sure others will be able to relate, especially if you fall under the INFJ personality type. › my-mbti-personality-type › mbti-basicsThe Myers & Briggs Foundation – The 16 MBTI® Types

Theme: Personal Growth, Living Authentically, Self Acceptance.

Forgive me if I don't want to just go along with the crowd,
Or if I don't want to be surrounded by folks fractious and loud,
Forgive me if I want to love many but trust a few,
To keep my own counsel and paddle my own canoe,
It's not a reflection on you - I am sure you are very nice,
But I've been burned before and had to pay the price.

Forgive me if I want to test all that I hear -
Before I decide which side the truth is near,
And if sometimes I want to be just by myself,
To listen to my heart, to understand which part
Needs to be heard or needs to be healed.
It's not a reflection on you - I am sure you are very nice,
But sometimes just my own company will suffice.

Forgive me if I take time to listen to my intuition,
And give myself the permission to feel - deeply,
And day-dream of possibility and new invention -
To connect with and nurture my inner child -
So that she might grow in grace and inner vision.
It's not that I don't like the world or the people in it,
I just need some time alone so I can take my place -
Perhaps it is a lonely stance but it is where I fit,
Where I am happy to take my chance -
Where I hear the music and where I can dance.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©

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