My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The Game of Pretense is inspired by the temptation to pretend rather than to be honest about revealing our authentic selves and living our truth. It is a poem about the games people play pretending to be something that they truly are not and the resultant dissatisfaction and frustration this way of living brings.

Theme: Personal growth, Living authentically, Self acceptance.

The Game of Pretense.

No longer will I skim across the top -
Of this carefully constructed facade of pretense,
The froth and bubble make believe of life,
Where all looks bright and shiny,
This pretense is just a defense -
And it is killing me!

Rip away all those suffocating, fatty layers,
That protect the heart from seeing-
No more excuses to drape the fakery,
So the world can see what it wants to see,
No longer will I let the game of pretense be-
That which makes a mockery of truth.

I will strip it all away-right down,
To my guts, my heart, my core,
Give it one big squeeze,
And then wring it out some more,
To extract the elixir of life.
That pure, unadulterated joy,
And then- I want to drink it!

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©

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