My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration. In this next collection of poems I am moving onto another theme. I am no stranger to pain, having endured many heartaches which I did not expect, was ill prepared to navigate and at times, was totally blindsided. As I look around at life I know I am not alone- many, many people suffer pain and if one will let it be so, pain is a wonderful teacher. Not only I am thankful for the lessons, I am thankful for the deep reservoir of feeling, compassion, understanding, experience, faith, wisdom and triumph that pain has etched into my soul. My life is blessed. I stand, live and grow by grace.

Theme: Pain, Growth, Triumph.

I Remember Job.

The trials have been many and the losses great,
But really a waste to spend too much time to contemplate,
I just know that God has had to prune me often so I could grow. 

Experiences- I've had them from the magic to the tragic,
Times when I felt I'd touched heaven, I'd arrived,
And times that were so bleak, I wondered how I would survive.

Feelings, I've felt a whole range,
And so intensely that I've often thought I must be strange,
However, on reflection, I see there has always been,
A presence of Godly intervention.

At times it seemed almost too big of a fight,
That is when God has provided just enough light
To find my way- just enough strength and hope-
To stay anchored in His love.

Times when in anguish I've cried,
"God, how much more has to be lost?
How much more does my faith have to cost?"

He smiles.
Though it cost you everything- still you have reason to sing.
For nothing can compare with the treasure I bring.

And I remember Job.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon ©

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