My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: The inspiration for this poem is a little person who arrived as a surprise. Often it is asked if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? I think for me it would be that all children could be loved, nurtured, protected, raised to know God and subsequently their true value. This might seem a very simple statement to make in a complex world but what a difference it would make if all children knew they were a blessing.

Theme: Relationships /Children

Sleeping Child.

I stood and watched my sleeping child,
Angelic in her rest,
I stood amazed and thanked the Lord,
For the miracle with which I was blessed,
This child was not planned,
An accident some would say,
But I can see that from heaven -
To me she was lent,
I did not know what lay ahead,
What heartbreak pain and grief,
But God, who knows all things, 
Sent this child to steady my belief,
For life is always changing,
A series of deaths which give way-
To new birth,
And God lends us little angels,
To light our way on earth.

Poetry By Estelle M Deshon ©

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