My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: Thank you so much to those who read, liked and responded to my previous post concerning relationships. To follow up I have a some additional poems concerning domestic violence, excuses, divorce, liberation and free love. My heart aches for all people who are caught in the crossfire of our broken and dysfunctional relationship crisis. Today’s poem, titled DVO, is a dark one! It outlines the descent into untold misery that domestic violence visits upon any who are caught in it – if this is you, I plead, get out! Get out with only the clothes on your back if necessary – get out with your life! Far too many people stay and pay a price far too high.

Theme: Relationships.


It’s heard about every week, In the papers and on the news, Another woman has lost her life, Another family destroyed by abuse and strife, By someone who said they loved, But that love has curdled into hate, And destruction loiters at the gate, Run, make a move, escape, Get out - before it is too late. It is clear now it was not love, Although it seemed so at the start, But cruel control of the mind and of the heart, Creeping, insidious, power-hungry hate, Masked as loving concern, All too often the signs are there, But we didn't see because we believed the best, Underneath, carefully concealed, was the rest, Too horrific to believe - then it is too late. The quarry is picked so carefully, Beautiful people with loving heart and caring soul, Those considered easy to control, It starts by cutting ties with family and friends, Or anyone you knew before we became just two, Certainly, no forming of friendships with anybody new, If only people who had eyes could see, Cruelty stalks so stealth-fully, Masquerading in a well-worn mask of piety. I will take care of all your money, Listen, you don’t need any money, Honey, It’s okay for you to earn, But you must learn, the money, it is mine! I will do just what I please and I will not be sorry, Now be a good girl, it will all be fine, Don’t dare complain or criticize, You are so fortunate to have me, It is me you will idolize. So, the web of lies; It is tightly spun, A dark, cruel cocoon, Trapped, with nowhere to go, While in public you put on a good show, Because no one can know, The cruelty, the threats, the manipulation, The perpetrator knows they have won, It gets worse and worse, you are completely undone, And wonder how this relationship had ever begun. Girls don’t be so quick to compromise, To give too much of your precious self too soon, Take time to get to know, Time for the real character to show, Look for signs that all may not be well, Be brave enough to tell, Control and manipulation are simply not on, The first time it raises its ugly head, Simply walk away and be gone. Although at first you may be showered With praise and adulation, When it turns to threats, Power and degradation, When the price to be together is at the cost - of segregation, from those you know love you most, When your value to this person is so they can boast, You can be sure they do not love you lots, And the leopard does not change its spots. For violence and abuse there is simply no excuse, Stand up, stand firm and stand your ground, Know your worth and refuse to stick around, Make excuses and ignore this at your peril, There will only be more of the same, This type of person knows how to play only one game, Be brave and call it by its name, Inside the bully lives a coward, Who will destroy your life if allowed. Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.ⓒ

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