My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: Today’s poem is written for all of us but especially for the older members of our communities. It is a reminder that the very most important things of life are not purchased with money but with, love, friendship, kindness and the gift of time.

Theme: Relationships.


Put your money back in your pocket,
There is no need for a receipt docket,
Today we will transact in a different currency,
Today we will remember the best things in life are free.

So first a hug that is long and warm,
Enough to make us feel protected,
Even from the worst storm,
And then an ear that listens well,
To stories that are hard to tell,
And a confidence that what we say,
Will not be repeated or misconstrued,
Anywhere or in any way.

Let's sit in the garden, where all is calm,
And nature spreads her healing balm,
Share a hot pot of tea, and let our burdens be lifted on the breeze,
We see them releasing in the rustle of the trees,
For a burden shared is a burden halved,
But in this world so many are starved,
Of kindness, friendship and a listening ear.

Now these things we outsource, to the professionals, of course,
The psychologist, the psychiatrist and the nursing home,
We let our old folks sit all alone,
And we pay the price for things that used to be done,
By friends, neighbours, and family for their own,
Simply caring, simply being kind,
Simply keeping being human in front of mind. 

So today we will transact in a different currency,
One that values life and people,
Even those who are old and feeble,
For how we share and care for each other,
Is the real test of our humanity,
And as it ever was and ever more shall be,
The best things in life are free.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon  ©

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