My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: Humans are a resilient lot but I have come to understand that even the most resilent of us have our “bottom line”. The thing about one’s bottom line is that we really do not know where it is until it has been violated. This realisation can come as a complete surprise, especially if you are someone who believed that you would be the one standing beside that difficult person to the end; the one forgiving 70 X 7, the one turning the other cheek, the one always looking for the best in other person, the one who has been so understanding, so yeilding, so wanting to keep the peace BUT when that bottom line is violated, there can be NO going back. Believe me, it can surprise everyone, especially that brave soul who finally stands up and says, NO MORE.

Theme: Relationships.

 The Line.

There is a line I Iive above,
A thin veneer of trust and love,
To cross that line; I dare not,
Beyond where faith and fear fight,
There is a blot,
All is dark - black as night,
And light penetrates not so far,
As your heart.

So above the line I live,
And I give...and give...and give...

But I too have a line,
It is the line I place on you,
It is there...but yet...
I know not where.
It is my bottom line!
But I will know
When it's been violated,
When your power and control can no longer be tolerated.

Though I absorb and yield and hold,
I feel my heart growing cold.

But that final violation,
I will know,
When your cruel words,
Mark their final blow,
When you strike,
And destroy my very core,
Then I will know I can take no more,
My Darling, I will close the door.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon.©

2 replies to “My Heart on Paper.

  1. Estelle, The Line is on this website and I have read it. I feel your pain from an abusive relationship and rejoice with you that you are free of it.


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