My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration A good mariage is built one day at a time on love and truth; it is no small achievement; it is heaven sent and can be the greatest and most bountiful blessing known to mankind. Conversely, a marriage in which both or either partner does not uphold the honour and sancitiy of the vows taken can literally be a hell on earth. Regardless of how things unravel, everyone is left to pay the cost when dreams end in divorce. This is a poem written from personal experience; not one I would have chosen but one which was the catalyst of much personal and spiritual growth

Theme: Relationships.


Take your freedom, break my heart,
It is clear to me that we will part,
I know love you can’t force, 
But how I hate this word -

Broken promises, shattered dreams,
Everything inside me screams-
Why? Why? Why?
Where did we go wrong?
It started out as such a sweet song.

Children torn; how to behave?
Can they their family save?
Is mum to blame? Or is it dad?
Feeling oh so very sad,
In amongst all the fuss,
Perhaps? They think, The cause is us?

Don’t fret kids, it’s not your fault,
The grown-ups have arrived, with a jolt,
At a point from where they cannot return,
On different paths,
The rest of life’s lessons they will learn.

It’s true, there are no winners here,
Only broken hearts of ones held dear,
If changes could have been made,
Before destruction made her raid,
Maybe the family could have been saved,
But the path to change is often too late paved.

Wedding vows sealed with a kiss,
Promises of future happiness and bliss,
Years unfold; lies are told,
Whatever happened to have and to hold?
Divorce papers; see you in court,
Have the years we spent together been for naught?

Not all of life is gain,
In fact, we are moulded by the pain,
Tears and laughter, sorrow and joy,
Are but the scales Life would employ,
To weigh the virtue of each heart,
And in due season; grant a fresh start.

Freedom? It’s yours. Has been all along,
Its music was that sweet,sweet song,
For Freedom, you can never take,
Loving you could never be fake,
Love and freedom are God’s gift to man,
All a part of His great plan.

Truth is that which sets man free,
Your freedom really had nothing to do with me,
The children did not chain you so,
That’s not why our love did not grow,
But truth somewhere was lost,
And we’ve all been left to pay the cost.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon. ©

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