Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Communicate to Connect.

Communication involves much more than words; it involves the entire body. The stance of the body, body language, gestures, tone, pitch, volume, eye contact and content are all elements of communication. Words are merely the tools one employs to do the work, however they are very powerful tools. I liken them to a power tool such as a power saw or drill. These tools need to be handled with care and are not to be flung around carelessly because we know they are dangerous and can cause much harm if not used with caution. Words too, flung around carelessly, can cause irreparable damage.

Imagine how irritating a power tool would be if it continued on and on long after its job had been done. It’s the same with words; unnecessary repetition, sometimes called nagging, is unproductive.

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Five levels of communication have been identified.

Level #1: The Cliche Level. At this level we say something like, “How are you?” This level of communication does not wait for a response, nor does it expect one. If there is a response it’s usually something like, ” Yeah, good.” Even if you are feeling anything but good. Both parties realise that at this level there is no real invitation to communicate.

Level #2: We report facts. At this level we report facts to one another. We talk about the weather, sport, the news, the government, other people, although not always with the facts; this is known as gossip! As long as we don’t get close to exposing ourselves, or how we might feel about anything we can talk for quite a while at this level.

Level #3: We report the facts and mention how we feel about them. At this level we are starting to get warm! We can help facilitate the move from level 2 to level 3 by asking the speaker, “How do you feel about……..?” This question indicates that we are listening and have an interest in the person. Often people are led into understanding themselves better or finding a solution to a problem when they are encouraged to articulate their feelings.

Level #4: We begin to reveal ourselves. We talk about ideas rather than other people. We discuss our likes and dislikes, our plans, our goals and dreams.

Level #5: We are transparent to the other person; our mask is off! We reveal our true selves, we admit our deepest fears and confess our faults. We ask to be accepted and loved for nothing more and nothing less than who we truly are. We connect heart and soul.

It is a sad fact that many people, even those in close relationships, never get past the third level of communication. Communication demands much than words. It requires time, the mouth, eyes, body, mind, soul and heart. But mostly it requires the courage to say, “This is who I am and when I speak with you I will be honest enough to reveal some of my precious self to you.”

This is communication to connect.

Way Leads onto Way.

Oh I kept the first for another day Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I  doubted if should ever come back. - Jar of Quotes
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The title of my blog wayleadsontoway.life was chosen because it has been my experience in life. A personal commitment to always do the best in whatever circumstances and to look for the blessings has resulted in ways opening up. It is the advice I would give to any person. We create our future today and this is why it is so important to show up and give each day our best shot.

Our ways lead us into all sorts of experiences, interests, employments, meeting of new people and travelling to new places. And interestingly enough our ways tend to take big circles as well. Circles which find us renewing interests and friendships we had enjoyed, sometimes decades earlier. This has been my experience since retiring and what a delight it has been to renew connections with folks who were part of life forty, fifty even sixty years ago.

So with this in mind wayleadsontoway is moving onwards. I have two new ideas which I want to explore so Poetry, Prose and Parable will be replaced by I Love a Sunburnt Country. This blog post will be similar to the Places you will Go posts which took an A-Z trip across the globe to places to which I have been blessed to travel; I Love a Sunburnt Country will do the same for places across Australia. The inspiration for this comes from our recent trip to the Blue Mountains and my absolute love of driving through the landscape of our beautiful country.

The other blog thread will be titled Enneagram Energies. And this is the story of a recent interest and one which requires much more exploration on my part. Perhaps I can share this journey with you?

So far wayleadsontoway has explored in series Poetry, Prose and Parable, Communicate to Connect, The Shift to Thrift, Pearls of Wisdom, The Places you will Go, The Twelve Gifts of Christmas, The Books you will Read, The People you will Meet, Ten Life Lessons and a number of random posts simply about life. I write because I love to and it is my discipline. I make it public because I am a cast your bread on the waters sort of person. I am thankful to those who read the posts and it is my hope that we can spur one another on to love and good deeds.

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Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Tomorrow’s Hope

Quote: Ainissa Ramirez: Image: eduropia.org

Last week our eldest grandchild entered the teenage years. As a retired secondary teacher, I just love to see the transformation young people undergo; entering high school as 12 or 13 year olds and exiting as young men and women. It is a privilege to walk these years beside them, to facilitate and encourage their learning and growth and to model for them what responsible adulthood can look like. I always told my students that regardless of which subject was being studied we were here together learning about life; we were learning how to take our place in all the worlds that surround us, how to use our wonderful, unique gifts and talents and ultimately take our place in society as contributors. We place much hope in our young people. The future truly does belong to them and in those classrooms, all across the globe, there are students who have innovative solutions to the problems which face us today and to the problems that are yet unforeseen.

Our grandson has begun his secondary schooling at the high school which is the alma mater of our first female Prime Minister. He is part of the STEM; Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics program. The poem below was written when one day, as a supply teacher, I was in a classroom of junior secondary students working on a STEM project. I dedicate it to all the young people who are tomorrow’s hope, building resilience, learning how to cope, for futures yet unseen.

STEM Poetry by Estelle D.

Screens flashing, keyboards tapping,
Mouse clicking, students thinking,
Plan, draw, design, create,
Throw some ideas around with a mate,
Group work, discussion, collaboration,
Solving problems, fascination,
Imagination on a screen,
3D printer flashing red and green,
Today’s students, tomorrow’s hope,
Building resilience, learning how to cope,
For futures yet unseen.

Estelle D  © July 2016.

Poetry, Prose and Parable

Information is not Transformation.

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We live in a world of information overload; never before have humans had such access to information. Yet it is obvious that information alone does not transform the human character. We can know a lot but sometimes what we know to do and what we do do are poles apart. For example there is a mountain of information about diet and healthy lifestyle choices and if you are like me, you have read much of it; you have the information! But if information was all that was needed, the number of people who struggle with excess weight and health issues would dramatically decrease. I absolutely salute those who take the information and through dedication, self control and self denial achieve physical transformation.

Something similar happens in the spiritual nature. As a professing Christian I often remark that if I knew nothing more but could always do that which I already know to do, then I would be more useful to God; I would be being transformed. I am not alone here. The Apostle Paul wrote something similar in Romans 7:19.
For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do–this I keep on doing. NIV.

Church pews are full of people who have sat in them for decades, they are informed; they know the doctrine, the ritual, the right words and the right morality, but transformed? That is the work of the Holy Spirit and we have to let go of ourselves to let God, The Word, do its job. It is a scary business to put your ego to death, to deny yourself, to know that you will suffer. I love the way Richard Rohr puts it his book (see below). It is not that we have a message and suffer for it. It is much more the opposite: We suffer, come through it transformed and then we have a message!… As Paul makes clear in his letters, transformation is a journey, the law can give correct information but only God’s Spirit of Love can transform.

ISBN 978-0-8245-1950-6

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12 :2

Information and knowledge are necessary but we cannot stop there. God is all about transformation. And the world so desperately needs transformed not conformed people.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Cast your Bread

Image: The Best of Bread Volume 2

The inspiration for today’s post arrived yesterday as I was taking a trip down memory lane and listening to The Best of Bread.The Best Of Bread – The Bread Greatest Hits Full Album – YouTube

This year it is my plan to turn off the screen/s and to spend more time reading and listening to music. So as I was listening, I was thinking about bread; we can use the term to stand for money but in its most common form bread means basic sustenance. Bread also has a spiritual connotation. Jesus said He was the bread of life and when we take communion in worship we take of the common and basic elements of bread and wine.

A book I love for its abundant wisdom is Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes 11:1 says “Cast your bread upon the waters; for after many days it will come back to you. . .” I paraphrase this to say; cast your bread on the waters and it will return buttered! Because I believe this to be true.

Firstly the word cast means to scatter abroad; it means to let go of any control of where your casting might end up. It is like scattering fairy dust; it will settle where it is meant to be. Your bread is simply the basic essence of who you are and what you have to give or cast. It may be money, it may be time, energy, kindness, a smile, an encouraging word. Too often people don’t cast because they believe that what they have to cast is too insignificant. Not so; your bread is meant to be basic but it is also uniquely yours and it will sustain because that is exactly what bread does.

Our Saturday Paper includes a lift out called QWeekend. Just last weekend there was a feature article on several women who were single teenage mothers but had made wonderful successes of their lives. I paraphrase, but one woman said she was going down the escalator in a large shopping centre, pregnant at 18 but looking about 14; there was another woman going up the escalator, the woman looked across and smiled… I remember her because she was the only woman who smiled at me the entire time I was pregnant (Courier Mail, QWeekend, Jan 23-24, 2021,p.15). That lady, my friends, cast her bread on the waters and it has never been forgotten.

It is a law of the universe that what we give comes back. Again we have no control over how or when it comes back to bless us but indeed it does and it will.

So cast your bread; be the blessing that is you.

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Poetry Prose and Parable.

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Well hello, for today it is just a piece of poetry. It sort of comes on the heels of the last blog about drawing a line. I wrote this piece late last year. It is not personal but a response to much which I see around me and on the news which saddens my heart. It is a bit dark but I promise the next post will be brighter.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Personal Safety Survey, 2.2 million Australians have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner and 3.6 million Australians have experience emotional abuse from a partner.May 15, 2019
Family, domestic and sexual violence Overview – Australian …www.aihw.gov.au › reports-data › behaviours-risk-factors

The Line : Poetry by Estelle D © 2020

There is a line I live above,

A thin veneer of trust and love,
To cross that line; I dare not,
Beyond where faith and fear fight,
There is a blot,
All is dark; black as night,
And light penetrates not so far,
As your heart.
So above the line I live,
And I give...and give... and give...
But I too have a line,
It is the line I place on you,
It is there... but yet,
I know not where,
It is my bottom line.
But I will know,
When it’s been violated,
When power and control can no longer be tolerated.
Though I absorb and yield and hold,
I feel my heart growing cold.
But that final violation,
I will know,
When your cruel words,
Mark their tender blow,
When you strike,
And destroy my very core,
Then will I know I can take no more,
My Darling, I will close the door.


Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Joss Whedon: Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you're not... |  QuoteTab
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Draw a Line.

Our local television station runs an advertisement for electricity power line safety. I hope you are able to access it via this link; https://youtu.be/0ZboMHrzioI. Anyway it has got me to thinking about the lines which are drawn in all of our lives because for much of our lives we are either on one side of the line or the other.

Law and decision makers must draw a line somewhere which indicates a cut off point. For example on one side of the line you are driving within the speeding limit but pass that line and you could be in for a speeding fine. Likewise one one side of the line you are driving with in legal alcohol limits and on the other side you run the risk of losing your licence. This line applies to all the big events of life also; events like birth, marriage, death, taxes, education, employment, religion and a myriad of other decisions we make or which are made for us as we transverse our time on the earth.

We all live within boundaries, some are imposed on us but wise and healthy people embrace their own boundary lines which are there to protect themselves and the ones they love from violations. Johnny Cash understood the importance of lines in personal relationships and to keep his, he was prepared to walk the line. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjRloq8-ZnuAhWt63MBHfXiAnMQwqsBMAN6BAgOEBE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DWw0rm7sWRg8&usg=AOvVaw30nf4rdSJ8Xfg4VzMDOTtS

Sometimes we just have to draw a line in the sand. We decide whatever has happened to bring us to this point, we are going to draw a line underneath it. We can forgive and rebuild. In this case we cannot keep going back to the past, grabbing handfuls of sand and hurling them into the present. We look to a brighter and better future.

There is another line which we all have; I call this our bottom line. The funny thing about a person’s bottom line is that we really don’t know where it is until it is crossed. I observe that people can absorb a lot, they can be very forgiving and optimistic with hope that things will improve. But at some point there is that bottom line and once crossed there is no going back. It is serious to violate another person’s bottom line, once done, things can never be the same.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

The Formula for Happiness.

Happiness is a choice, Not A Result

It seems we spend a lot of time wishing people happiness. We say Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Retirement, Have a Happy Day; we wish new babies long and happy lives as we wish newly weds a long and happy marriage. Yet for all of these good wishes toward happiness, unhappiness abounds. People are unhappy in their job, unhappy in their marriages, unhappy with their situation, unhappy with the way they look, unhappy with themselves.

Happiness is an illusive quality, it seems the more it is longed for, the more it seems just out of our grasp. This is because happiness is not something we grasp for and find; happiness is an attitude that we nurture in ourselves, and it grows, because we have the highest good for others as our core moral compass.

G Wayne Thomas in his song, There’s no Formula for Happiness, released in March 1972 penned the following lyrics which spoke to my 1972 heart and still do today.

G wayne Thomas – Open Up your heart . – YouTube

There’s no formula for happiness, that’s guaranteed to work
It all depends on how you treat your friends
And how much you’ve been hurt
But it’s a start, when you open up your heart
And try not to hide, what you feel inside
Just open up your heart.

A couple of thousand years before 1972, The Great Physician and Teacher, Jesus, in His Sermon on the Mount spoke of a perfect blueprint for happiness. My 1957 Keys to Happiness book (p.12) describes these teachings as the remedy for what Thoreau called “lives of quiet desperation”. You can read them in Matthew Chaps 5,6,& 7. Matthew says that when the crowds had finished hearing what Jesus had to say, they were astonished.

The message then is the same today. It is the Golden Rule. Just as the song says, open up your heart, and from an authentic heart, do your good to others that you would like them to do to you. Be happy to do this and you might be astonished at the happiness which will follow.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Life Can Only Understood Backwards but It Must Be Lived Forwards Life Can  Only Be Understood Backwards but It Must Be Lived Forwards ― Søren  Kierkegaard | Life Meme on ME.ME
Quote: Soren Kierkegaard. Image me.me

Christmas 2020 is now just a memory and the door has closed on the year that was. The New Year of 2021 has arrived and with it all the hopes that it will bless us in the ways we most need. At this time of year, and particularly on New Year’s Eve, I am filled with nostalgia. I have experienced this feeling since childhood; while everyone else is reveling, I have this funny feeling, and it is a strange feeling. I think it is because I know what has happened in the past but what lies ahead is unknown. I feel this despite my very deep and personal Christian faith; I know that God is always in control and that His unchanging nature and promises provide the grace and resilience to live life forward, since that is the only way life can be lived.

For as the river does not backward flow, forward must life daily go.

Still, I recall New Year’s Days when there was not an inkling that loved ones would receive cancer diagnoses and be passed from this life in a few short months, that marriages and families would be smashed and unable to recover, that loved ones would be killed in accidents, that homes would burn down or just a year ago, that a virus would turn our lives upside down and globally exact an enormous toll on physical, financial, social and emotional well being.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and with the wisdom of hindsight life can begin to make some sense, although for much of life we may never understand why it had to be so. However we must accept that it is and with that acceptance move forward in grace and hope.

So I share some of my thoughts for the New Year and hope that they may speak to you too.

#Make the most of each day. All our days are a gift of God’s grace.

#Look for the beautiful and the good.

#Be kind and gracious to yourself and others.

#Build emotional, physical and spiritual resilience.

#Count your blessings.

#Live in Faith and Hope, even when everything you see might tell another story.

#Choose to be happy.

2021. May you have the grace and courage to live it well. Happy New Year.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat!

For cats and cat lover’s I am sure the saying above will not be a favourite, however the saying really has little to do with cats. It has more to do with the idea that there is more than one way to find a solution to a problem and any of these ways can be equally successful.

We run into problems when individuals begin to think that only their way is the right way and simply will not even entertain that the perspective of another can have merit. It is a sure fire way to destroy relationships, whether they be of personal, business or governance nature and whether they be in the home, the community or on a global scale.

Regardless of age, gender, race, religion or any other variable you might like to consider, life does have some rules which apply to us all. It is sort of a karma thing. I have observed many times that people who refuse to yield, people who must always be right and people who cannot accept that there is more than one way to do something, usually end up losing much more than if they had been able to surrender some of their personal power for the sake of a peaceful resolution.

If we can open our minds to the possibility of a range of ideas and solutions and work together with other people towards peaceful resolutions it is quite possible that both the cat and we may save our skins.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

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Quote: Thich Nhat Hanh. Image The LA Street Angel.

Free Love Poetry by Estelle D.

If love it is you have to say that you feel for me,

Don’t hold too tight, lest I should fight,

And struggle to be free,

Don’t clip my wing to keep me grounded,

But let our love on Trust be founded,

Give me space to fly and soar and roam,

Have faith that I will find my way home,

For as the bird returns to the nest,

Let your love for me be,

A haven of rest.

Copyright © 1999