Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Communicate to Connect.

Communication involves much more than words; it involves the entire body. The stance of the body, body language, gestures, tone, pitch, volume, eye contact and content are all elements of communication. Words are merely the tools one employs to do the work, however they are very powerful tools. I liken them to a power tool such as a power saw or drill. These tools need to be handled with care and are not to be flung around carelessly because we know they are dangerous and can cause much harm if not used with caution. Words too, flung around carelessly, can cause irreparable damage.

Imagine how irritating a power tool would be if it continued on and on long after its job had been done. It’s the same with words; unnecessary repetition, sometimes called nagging, is unproductive.

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Five levels of communication have been identified.

Level #1: The Cliche Level. At this level we say something like, “How are you?” This level of communication does not wait for a response, nor does it expect one. If there is a response it’s usually something like, ” Yeah, good.” Even if you are feeling anything but good. Both parties realise that at this level there is no real invitation to communicate.

Level #2: We report facts. At this level we report facts to one another. We talk about the weather, sport, the news, the government, other people, although not always with the facts; this is known as gossip! As long as we don’t get close to exposing ourselves, or how we might feel about anything we can talk for quite a while at this level.

Level #3: We report the facts and mention how we feel about them. At this level we are starting to get warm! We can help facilitate the move from level 2 to level 3 by asking the speaker, “How do you feel about……..?” This question indicates that we are listening and have an interest in the person. Often people are led into understanding themselves better or finding a solution to a problem when they are encouraged to articulate their feelings.

Level #4: We begin to reveal ourselves. We talk about ideas rather than other people. We discuss our likes and dislikes, our plans, our goals and dreams.

Level #5: We are transparent to the other person; our mask is off! We reveal our true selves, we admit our deepest fears and confess our faults. We ask to be accepted and loved for nothing more and nothing less than who we truly are. We connect heart and soul.

It is a sad fact that many people, even those in close relationships, never get past the third level of communication. Communication demands much than words. It requires time, the mouth, eyes, body, mind, soul and heart. But mostly it requires the courage to say, “This is who I am and when I speak with you I will be honest enough to reveal some of my precious self to you.”

This is communication to connect.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

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We are multi dimensional creations; mind, body, emotion, intellect and spirit. Paul describes us a God’s temple. Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 1st Corinthians: 3:16. I wonder how precious and unique we would believe ourselves to be and how much abuse of mind, body, emotion, intellect and spirit we would avoid if this concept was understood.

Foundations Poetry by Estelle D.© 1998

All of life we are building,
A temple not made with hands,
How we lay the foundation,
Will determine if it falls,
Or if it stands.

Some build a temple elaborate and ornate,
And in their temple would life celebrate,
Through trial and tribulation,
Their temple will not stand,
For its foundations were laid on shifting sands.

Some build in haste,
Thinking time spent in preparation
But a waste,
Laying foundations without any plumb line,
Their temple will not stand the test of time.

Some would build with foolishness,
Slothful, not taking any care,
Foundations fraught with weakness,
And in their folly,
Not even be aware.

Yet few would build with wisdom,
Selecting carefully their chief cornerstone,
Laying sure foundations,
In Jesus Christ alone,
Building a lively temple for their home.

And with wisdom even greater,
They would continue building later,
For their foundations will not falter,
And in sacrifice would lay their temple,
At the Holy Altar.

Poetry, Prose and Parable

Beauty Is Ever to the lonely mind a shadow fleeting ~ Beauty Quote -  Quotespictures.com
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Beauty and the Pain.

If the beauty is in the pain,
Then let me feel that pain again,
Let me shed a tear,
For the lost hopes and dreams held dear, 
Let me embrace the change without fear,
May the pain be deep and the beauty be clear.

Poetry by Estelle D. ©2011

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

The Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden. Poetry by Estelle D.

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Quote: Shakespeare. Image: Pinterest

The Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden.

The fairies at the bottom of the garden,
Were playing hide and go seek,
If you listen closely, you can hear them speak.
Gliding by on gossamer wing,
Beautiful fairy, sweetly sing.
Flowing tresses, silken, silver and gold,
Do Fairies ever get old?

And as you speak, what do you say? 
Fairy, oh so sweet and sprite,
Faces shining light from stars,
Riding moonbeams from afar.
Is your message just a fairy tale?
If humans heeded, would it fail?
What is your secret, Fairy so fair?
Why is happiness like yours so rare?

We know the secret the fairies said,
But if you understand it only with your head,
The knowledge cannot make you any wiser, 
For all of life's bounty, you will still be a miser,
But the secret we will freely give,
This is how we richly live.

Sang the fairies at the bottom of the garden;
Let not your hearts harden.

Poetry by Estelle D. © 2020

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Communicate to Connect.

Communication is not a one way process, it is not even a two way process, communication is a circular process where each party listens, listens some more and then speaks; the desired result being an understanding of unity. Even if the parties disagree, each party at least understands where the other is coming from and why they might think and act as they do and how they feel about a topic or situation.

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My mother used to say that we have two ears and one tongue and that is because listening is doubly important. Unfortunately, most of us are not very good listeners. This is one of the reasons why we have the need for counselors and psychologists; we literally pay people to listen to us. I am not downplaying the important role these professionals undertake, nor the strategies they employ to help people, however, many years ago I read an article which suggested much of the depression and anxiety people suffer could be alleviated if we would just slow down and really listen to the story of another person.

Dr Stephen Covey has identified five levels of listening which can be easily found online and they are excellent. I am going to write in my own words and from my own experiences my five levels of listening.

Level # 1. Not listening at all. This is the lowest level of listening. The hearer is just not hearing at all. There may be words in the room but they are just flying around and bouncing off the walls. There is no opportunity or desire for understanding or connection at this level.

Level # 2. Listening to interject. At this level the words are making some connection but rather than listening for understanding we are listening to respond. Rather than hearing the other person we are busy with our own script in our heads about what we are going to say next. This level of listening is often characterized by interrupting the speaker mid sentence or even mid word with what we want to say. Sometimes the interjector will change the topic altogether! So at this level we aren’t really listening at all. The communication is all about what we want to say – not listening to what the other party has to say.

Level # 3. Selective Listening. At this level we are only listening to hear what we want to hear, everything else is dismissed as unimportant. At level 3 we miss the context of the message. When dealing in words, whether written or spoken, the context is highly important and if we miss the context we most likely miss the whole point of the communication. It is due to selective listening that we have so much miscommunication because what is actually said, is not actually heard.

Level # 4. Listening with Attention. At this level we are paying attention. Our body language would suggest we are engaged, we have eye contact and are actively listening. Attentive listening is good, however often it is accompanied with active judgement. At some level we are making judgements as to the validity of the speaker’s position. Along with this we are also considering what we would do, what we would say, what experiences we have had etc. So while level 4 is good, much of our focus is still on ourselves.

Level #5. Listening for Understanding. Level 5 listening suspends judgement; it listens for understanding and the listener sees through the eyes of the speaker. Level 5 listening embraces feeling and through our listening we understand how the speaker feels about a topic or situation. Level 5 listening is quiet. It does not rush in with solutions nor does it start on a story about how this same thing has happened to me, me, me! Level 5 listening is empathic, it is healing, it is communing with another person.

Commune: to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings.to be in intimate communication or rapport:to commune with nature. interchange of ideas or sentiments. verb (used without object), com·muned, com·mun·ing.http://www.dictionary.com/

I am not sure about you but I know for sure that my level of listening would benefit from moving up a level or two.

Communicate to Connect.

Listen more than you talk Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves  speak
Image:brainquotes. Quote: Richard Branson

We are going to discuss communication. Clear communication; communication for connection and understanding, it is vital in almost every area of life but, my goodness, how often do we misunderstand, misconnect and misconstrue words!

There are five levels of communication, both for the words we speak and the level at which we listen, so we will have a bit of a look at these over the next few posts. It is pretty scary stuff really because most of us do not get past the first couple of levels!

For today though we will begin with poetry. This poem was written for a Toastmasters Speech back in 1998.

Talk and Listen : poetry by Estelle D. © 1998

Talk and Listen were well acquainted,
Together they were often mated,
Talk always made a lot of noise,
Listen showed much more poise,
Was quieter and deeper,
Of her tongue a good keeper.

Talk was like the babbling brook,
Never knowing silence,
Listen knew the babbling brook was silenced by the pool,
And that the babblings of man,
Often proved him to be ,
Only a fool.

Talk was fond of saying much,
This and That and Such and Such,
An opinion on everything,
Talk did hold,
Believing it duty,
That everyone be told.

Listen was quiet when another spoke,
Affirmed their worth,
Never took them as a joke,
Listen never casually handed out advice,
Found it unnecessary to her own opinion,
Others to entice.

From Talk people tried to hide,
Found Talk a vexation, 
And hard to abide,
Listen, however, was quietly sought,
Listen it was found,
Wisdom brought.

In the fullness of time, 
Listen came of age,
And was given a place,
Upon Life's stage,
Listen was considered a wise old sage,
For she knew Talk one should carefully gauge.

And it came to Pass.

It came to pass; not to stay was one of my mother’s sayings. What she meant was that life is always in a state of constant flux and nothing stays the same forever. Of-course, forever is a very long time, but still you get the picture, the bad times will not last forever, there will be a change and conversely, the good times have no responsibility to continually bless us with an easy and comfortable life. We all know that for growth to occur there needs to be change, otherwise we would all stay as non-germinated seeds, with a potential for growth but actually not fulfilling any purpose or producing any fruit.

Life also has a habit of pruning us back, to get us into shape or to allow for new growth. It is like my lime tree, which a couple of months ago I cut back hard; it was just a lot of bare sticks but now Spring is here and it is full of new shoots, new life and the promise of a great crop of fruit next season because already it has little white flower buds popping up. Nature has so much to teach us about life and in nature we find the fulfillment of so many Biblical truths.

Image: my Lime tree

I have been thinking a lot about seasons; they complete the circle of life in nature and also in our own circle of our life; from birth to death. In nature each season has its purpose as does each season of our lives. This wisdom was penned by Solomon, said to be the wisest man who ever lived, about 1000 BC and recorded for us in Ecclesiastes  Chap 3: V1-8.

2-Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 - Daniel M DeAbreu
Image: Pictorem.com

The story of King Solomon, the son of David and Bathsheba, you can find in the Old Testament of the Bible; it is a rip roarer! Solomon is credited with writing Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. Along with Psalms (written predominately by David) these books make up the Books of Poetry so as well as being full of wisdom, encouragement and practical advice for living, they are beautifully written. Some believe Solomon wrote the Song of Solomon in his youth, the books of Proverbs in his middle age, and the book of Ecclesiastes when he was old.https://ibtministries.org/

Turn! Turn! Turn!
Album by The Byrds on YouTube.

Wisdom is Wisdom and Truth is Truth regardless of where you find it. In December 1965 The Byrds released their Turn!Turn!Turn! album with the title song which basically word for word repeats Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. You can listen to it on YouTube. It is beautiful.

Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
The Byrds
To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven.https://www.bing.com/


Spring Clean.

Why Toowoomba is most beautiful inland city in Australia | Chronicle
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In the southern hemisphere, Spring is here. And I am so thankful for its arrival. We live in a location that has beautiful tree lined streets and parks and gardens bursting with colour. At this time of year our city hosts The Carnival of Flowers; it is a wonderful celebration to Spring. Covid 19 has shrunk our worlds and community events are restricted; so there can be no parade through the streets, nor can the Food and Wine Festival which partners the Carnival of Flowers and showcases all our wonderful local produce go ahead. Even so our public parks and spaces, as well as many private gardens, are looking as beautiful as ever and the city has come up with creative ways to showcase its beauty, to encourage locals and welcome visitors to celebrate, Covid style, our wealth of local beauty, produce and hospitality.

East Toowoomba - Queens Park and Botanic Gardens
Image : Toowoomba Regional Council.

Still it is a good time for Spring cleaning so here is a little spring cleaning story.

The cupboard under the stairs is an Aladdin’s Cave. Not actually brimming with gold and precious jewels but overflowing all the same. When you think that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, well perhaps there is something precious in there. In fact, I know there is. Today it was all pulled out; the paintings that don’t see the light of day because there is already too much on our walls. The old violin, hugging memories of quick and nimble fingers dancing over its tired and broken strings, sleeps in its coffin case. The eskys, empty now but often filled with party cheer for happy social and family events have stories a plenty to tell. The crates filled with the belongings and memories of the now adult children wait patiently; one day they may be claimed. The cleaning gadgets which still enjoy frequent use and right at the back, hiding really, are the walking sticks and frames, quietly resting, waiting to be ushered into use as old age claims its victory over firm step and stride. You see, I told you there was treasure in there.

Hasty clean ups see benches swept bright, spanking clean and everything dumped into a box and shoved in the cupboard under the steps. So when it comes time to clean out the cupboard everything comes out. There is a bit of a ratio. About a quarter goes back in, all the treasures mentioned above; about a quarter is thrown out, about a quarter given to charity and the rest goes up into the shed. This just extends the inevitable moment of it being let go, but you see, the shed is way larger than the cupboard under the stairs.

One day soon I need to clean out the shed.

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Another poem today. I think it is pertinent to our current times but applicable to life in general at any time.

Woodrow Wilson Quote: “I firmly believe in Divine Providence. Without  belief in Providence I think I should go crazy. Without God the world  wou...” (7 wallpapers) - Quotefancy
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Providence  a poem by Estelle D.© 2020.

Don't try to make any sense of life,
For life will make no sense,
It is not for man to understand,
The where, the why-fore or the whence.

Why so many live in need,
While their leaders are consumed by greed,
Why the good die young,
And real heroes remain unsung.

Why the race goes not to the swift,
Nor the battle to the strong,
Why men seldom use their gift,
And delight in doing wrong.

Why the wicked seem to prosper,
Why good deeds we do not foster,
Why the wise are considered weak,
And in their place the foolish speak.

Why we suffer tragedy and pain,
And find it hard to see the gain,
That man cannot master his own ways,
And does not know the number of his days.

For the clay does not the potter tell,
How it will be shaped,
Nor the tree, the wind,
Which way it should blow.

When by life's mysteries, we are draped,
When by life's circumstances, 
We are shaped,
Our task is but to grow.

And we will make no sense of life, 
And life will make no sense, 
Lest we some faith show,
In Divine Providence.

Post Script: I feel I need to add another couple of thoughts to this post. Firstly, God is God and He hates evil, regardless of where it is found; in the Church, in government, in business and in homes; God does not bless evil. Conversely, He loves a heart which has turned, is turning towards Him and He is able to bless those people, regardless of their circumstances. There is a lot about our sojourn here that we do not know or understand but we can know these two things:

(1) As far as it depends on us we are to live in peace with all men (Rom 12:18)

(2) We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do goods works (Eph 2:10)

Poetry, Prose and Parable.

Negativity is a thief, it steals happiness - Quote
Image: allauthor.com

Today we have another short poem about life. Sometimes life is difficult and impossible to understand. Sometimes it feels as though we lose a lot; it is stolen from us and we cannot see why this has to be so. The Truth of life generally reveals itself. We need to be authentic people, seekers of truth, brave enough to face Truth and to be Kind. Kind to ourselves and kind even to those who hurt us. I hope you will like this poem.

The Thief. Poetry by Estelle D. © 2020.

Open your eyes, lift your disguise,
Find new sight,
See from another perspective,
Under a different light.
Ponder on great mysteries,
Heartbreak and Pain,
Wonder, Wonder Why?
Why you don't hear the words spoken
that might warn the Thief is near
and you're to be heartbroken.
Rest in the dullness of pain,
Have tears cleanse the soul like rain,
Wait on Time's precious healing.
Harken Truth's revealing.
The Thief comes only to steal.