Poetry, Prose and Parable.

A Poem for Trees Poetry by Estelle D.Ⓒ 2020. Mighty, mighty gum tree, Standing so majestically, For a hundred years or more, Could you but speak and tell, Of all the things you saw, Fire, flood and drought, The season’s endless turnabout. You’re a home for the birds, And the koala too, Shaded rest for […]

The Shift To Thrift.

The Thrift of Companion Planting. I use companion planting in the garden because I cannot see the benefit of growing your own if it is going to be sprayed with chemicals. Today’s blog features a little book I was given in the early 80s which has been a constant companion ever since. But first I […]

The Places You Will Go.

Next it’s onto Ngala. For 13 posts last year I wrote about places beginning with the letters A – M which I have been fortunate to visit. For the next 13 posts I will continue with the letters N -Z. The first is Ngala. A game reserve which boarders the Kruger National Park in South […]