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Cast your Bread

Image: The Best of Bread Volume 2

The inspiration for today’s post arrived yesterday as I was taking a trip down memory lane and listening to The Best of Bread.The Best Of Bread – The Bread Greatest Hits Full Album – YouTube

This year it is my plan to turn off the screen/s and to spend more time reading and listening to music. So as I was listening, I was thinking about bread; we can use the term to stand for money but in its most common form bread means basic sustenance. Bread also has a spiritual connotation. Jesus said He was the bread of life and when we take communion in worship we take of the common and basic elements of bread and wine.

A book I love for its abundant wisdom is Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes 11:1 says “Cast your bread upon the waters; for after many days it will come back to you. . .” I paraphrase this to say; cast your bread on the waters and it will return buttered! Because I believe this to be true.

Firstly the word cast means to scatter abroad; it means to let go of any control of where your casting might end up. It is like scattering fairy dust; it will settle where it is meant to be. Your bread is simply the basic essence of who you are and what you have to give or cast. It may be money, it may be time, energy, kindness, a smile, an encouraging word. Too often people don’t cast because they believe that what they have to cast is too insignificant. Not so; your bread is meant to be basic but it is also uniquely yours and it will sustain because that is exactly what bread does.

Our Saturday Paper includes a lift out called QWeekend. Just last weekend there was a feature article on several women who were single teenage mothers but had made wonderful successes of their lives. I paraphrase, but one woman said she was going down the escalator in a large shopping centre, pregnant at 18 but looking about 14; there was another woman going up the escalator, the woman looked across and smiled… I remember her because she was the only woman who smiled at me the entire time I was pregnant (Courier Mail, QWeekend, Jan 23-24, 2021,p.15). That lady, my friends, cast her bread on the waters and it has never been forgotten.

It is a law of the universe that what we give comes back. Again we have no control over how or when it comes back to bless us but indeed it does and it will.

So cast your bread; be the blessing that is you.

Maya Angelou quote: When we cast our bread upon the waters we can...
Quote: Maya Angelou: AZ Quotes.

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