The Songs We Will Sing.

#14: Livin’ on a Prayer: Bon Jovi: 1986

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Recently when checking my FB page I noted a friend’s shared post of a nametests game result which told her which 1980s song exemplified her life and why this was so. Out of curiousity I thought I would give this a go.

I do not take these games, nor their blurbs, very seriously and I decline to share the results, however, this one was interesting. I am no expert on 1980s music. My eldest child was born in 1979 and my youngest in 1991, so for me the 80s was Playschool, Sesame Street, playgroups, kindy, pre- and primary school years; very child focused years. Our most listened to CD was the ABC’s Toffee Apple which had some beaut songs and I really wish I still had that CD.

It wasn’t until the 90s when my eldest took control of the car radio that I really began to listen to popular music again; we listened to lots of triple j in the car and for some reason or another we seemed to be in the car a lot and I got quite an education!

Anyway, I digress, my 1980s song according to nametests was Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer. As it happens it is a song I am familiar with and at the moment hear quite a lot as the latest McDonald’s television advertisement uses this song as its sound track. McDonaldsDDB Sydney x McDonald’s Summer: Together & lovin’ it – YouTube McDonalds have some really good advertising clips, even if they do not encourage me to actually eat McDonalds, I appreciate the creative minds behind their advertising campaigns.

Nametests didn’t do too bad with their choice of song for me as prayer is a constant in my life. My mother taught me to pray when I was just a little girl, it was a sort of rote prayer we said every night and to be honest for a long time my prayer life was superficial. But life has a way of turning me towards God and the older I get the more prayer is an essential part of life. There truly is so much to thank God for, so many people to ask God to bless, so many circumstances for which to ask Him to give wisdom and guidance and so many things to ask forgiveness for. I’m in no danger of ever running out of prayer and I am definitely more than half way there!

I have on my desk a plaque which features the words below. It was on my father’s desk for decades before it came to sit on mine. It reminds me of the power of prayer and the Biblical encouragement to pray without ceasing.

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Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer (Official Music Video) – YouTube

I hope you enjoy the clip. The energy in it is crazy. Here’s to livin’ on a prayer!

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