The Songs We Will Sing.

#21 If I should Fall Behind. Bruce Springsteen 1992.

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Hubby and I have recently celebrated a wedding anniversary. We were mature when we married and I remember at the time thinking I hoped we would get 25 years together. Well, we have clocked up 18 and I am thankful for every one of them. We may have more than 25 years, we may have fewer; that is in the hands of God who knows and numbers all of our days. Our contempories are celebrating around 50 years of marriage and we know couples who have been married over 60 years and even some oldies who have clocked up 70! There is something very special about sharing that many years of life together, especially if it has been managed happily and those couples still think they got the best deal in each other and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Bruce Springsteen’s If I Should Fall Behind was one of our wedding songs. And the words were, and still are, just perfect for this traveling side by side and walking together… come what may life together. Primarily, this is a love song which Springsteen wrote for his wife in 1989. It is about commitment, staying power, growing older together and waiting for one another so that the walk together can continue. It is also about young marriages and the commitment to keep in step with each other so you can walk together.

Still, the more I observe life and the older I get, I am convinced that the test of true love is simply this waiting for and with one another. People age at different rates and as the decades add up prople slow down, some do this faster than others and this happens for many different reasons but changing our stride so that we can walk together is an act of love.

Bruce Springsteen – If I Should Fall Behind (Lyrics) – YouTube

I hope you will listen to this beautiful song and take it to heart. Is there someone you need to wait for? Is there someone waiting for you? If so, count your blessings as there are a lot of lonely people in this world who just wish they were in your shoes.

2 replies to “The Songs We Will Sing.

  1. It will be 43 years for us come December Estelle. Just keep going and you will make it to 25. We will then be 50 years.
    Thanks for your wise words.


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