The Twelve Gifts of Christmas.

Gift #9: The Gift of Peace.

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The gift of Peace is the gift that the world needs most. From individuals, to families, to communities, to nations the world needs Peace. But Peace is like Happiness it is not found in externals; it is an internal attribute and its foundation is trust in the Peace giver, Jesus, who came as Prince of Peace and to bring Peace and Good will to all men.

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We are the instigators of our peace or turmoil. I love the book of James; it is 5 chapters of instruction on how to live a practical, peaceful life. James asks, Where do wars and fights come from? and answers that they come from our desires and pleasures that war with in us. He warns that where ever there is bitter envy, self seeking, boasting and lying there will be confusion and every evil thing.

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Peace is available and the recipe for Peace is the wisdom from above and when we can truly absorb these attributes into our hearts, when we as individuals seek peace and pursue it, we take a giant step towards a greater peace which can only spread to others and make our world a better place.

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Indeed, blessed are the Peacemakers. So this Christmas season, when everything is a bit rushed and stressed, remember the Peacemaker and may you be the gift and blessing of peacemaker others.

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