The Songs We Will Sing.


Music and its power to heal plays a foundational and basic part of being human. There is a belief that the whole of the universe is founded on music. The word Universe literally means One Song and when we consider the perfect harmony, balance, rhythm and timing in which the whole universe dances, it is not difficult to imagine the Master Conductor bringing it all together in celestial symphony.

To sing, regardless of whether we are good at it or not, is highly therapeutic.  John Koopman (1999) in his book, A brief History of Singing, states that singing is so basic to man that its origins are long lost in antiquity; it is believed that singing predates the spoken word. When we sing we easily commit information to memory and we know that singing lullabies and nursery rhymes to babies and small children plays an important role in early childhood development.

When we sing, we stimulate the vagus nerve and the vagus nerve is really important! There is a load of information about the vagus nerve on the www and I recommend some reading on the topic. My very layman’s take home point from my reading is to just start singing in the shower!

It’s easy to sing when we are happy but it is even more important to put on some music and hum or sing along even when we are not feeling so flash. Music, and our voices, have been given to us as a gift for our wellbeing; there is a song for every emotion and every occasion. Let the singing begin!

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