My Heart on Paper.

The theme of this selection of poems is Creation and Nature. These poems will explore aligning ourselves in peace, harmony and balance with God, the creator and His creation.

The inspiration for this poem is my garden. I spend a lot of time there, digging in the earth, planting, shaping, weeding, feeding, playing with water and enjoying the miracle of nature. Working in the garden is my therapy; it grounds and balances me, offers solitude, a time and place to think, pray, contemplate and dream. It is my exercise as well as creative expression. In the garden I am a co-worker with God, a small cog in the entire cosmos, in harmony with all the aspects of creation; the tilt of the Earth and the phases of the moon. The garden provides many parallels to life and just as the garden needs to be carefully tended to be a place of peace and beauty, so too does the heart.

The Garden.
If your heart was a garden and could be seen by all,
Would yours be seen as beautiful?
Or would it just appall?
Would it be ordered and well tended?
Or would others know that you just pretended?
Would there be sown seeds of kindness and good deeds?
Or would your garden be neglected?
Overgrown with weeds?
Would there be found sunshine from your good cheer?
Or would your garden fail to bloom because you are always drear?
Would your soil be rich and sweet, well tilled,
With beauty always filled?
Or would your garden die because you live a lie?
Would your garden be watered with tears of compassion?
Would it stir in others a deep and pure passion?
What fragrance would your garden gift?
Would its perfume be pleasing and able to uplift?
Be sure you have a garden growing in your heart-
Of how this garden blooms you play the biggest part-
If in your garden beauty you would favour,
Be careful how you labour,
For everything needs the right conditions to grow,
And we all get to reap what we sow.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon©️


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