My Heart on Paper.

Inspiration: Today I am moving on with a new theme. I want to explore some relationships. In this section we will cover a few different types of relationship but I will start with the parent/child relationship. I am a proud and blessed mother and grandmother; my adult offspring are most surely my greatest work; as adults they are a credit to themselves. But none of us own our children, though we may be blessed to have them in our lives, they are actually the children of the creator God. With God they are a co-work in process and it is a wise parent who can step back and let God do His work with them.

Theme: Relationships/ Parent/Child.

 Be Still.

Be still and know that I am Mother-
And though you travel all the earth,
There will be no other, 
From whom you were given birth,
Who held you suckling at the breast,
Who wishes for you only the very best.

Yet pray not, that I should think you mine,
Or that you are here to toe my line,
From earthly parents you got your genes,
But your Heavenly Father provided the means,
He knit you together; He knew you even in the womb,
And He will know you still beyond the tomb.

You are children of the heavenly Father,
You do not belong to me.
He breathed life into your soul,
And then he set you free.
And with arms outstretched and open wide,
Patiently, He waits.

As Love's sweet song resonates.
Oh, child, come. 
Return to Me.

Poetry by Estelle M Deshon ⓒ

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